Master Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest Qigong, created Qi~ssage. Like Qigong, Qi~ssage focuses on balancing and enhancing the flow of energy through the body’s energy channels, or meridians. It is a powerful technique that will help you achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness, and healing.

There are twelve major energy channels in our body and hundreds of energy points. Each of these points affects the balance and flow of our body’s energy; however, only a couple dozen of these energy points are vitally important in helping us heal and in helping us experience and maintain optimal health and wellness. During a Qi~ssage session we stimulate these key energy or acupressure points in a specific order by using gentle pressure and small circular movements.

Qi~ssage helps to:

    • Relieve stress
    • Release tension
    • Relax the entire body
    • Energize the body and mind
    • Enhance and balance the flow of energy and much, much more….

For your Qi~ssage session you will be seated in a chair and remain fully clothed, with the exception of your shoes.

Qi~ssage appointments are available at the Sky Blue Dreams Wellness Center in Oxford, WI

Call 608-548-6174 to schedule your appointment. Qi~ssage sessions are $35.00

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